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Water Treatment

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Water Treatment

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D&S Commissioning Water Treatment Services​

D&S Commissioning Water Treatment Services

D&S Commissioning Ltd are skilled in most disciplines of water treatment however we specialise in the pre commissioning area of water treatment. The BSRIA pre commission cleaning, flushing and dosing of closed heating and chilled water systems and the tank cleaning, flushing and disinfection of hot and cold-water systems.

With the use of a filter and pumps system we are able to pre commission flush a system with minimal water loss. With the saving of thousands of litres of water going to drain, this is good news for the environment but also for the customer with a significant cost saving in the water use during the pre-commissioning flushing and dosing. With the exception of Glycol, we also only use solid chemicals. Our partners at Solidtek supply us with chemicals wrapped in dissolvable PVA bags that we simply drop into the system. This allows us to work much safer! No more manual handling risk from carrying 25 litre drums everywhere, less waste as there are no plastic drums to dispose of and no liquid chemicals to splash and spill during dosing!

D&S Commissioning Ltd, in conjunction with our partners at DosaFil offer a side stream filtration solution for online cleaning of existing systems as well! The DosaFil range delivered by D&S Commissioning Ltd offers a solution to existing systems that require cleaning but cannot be taken offline. A BMS interrogatable, magnet free, side stream filtration unit with the ability to filter from 50 micron down to 0.5 micron and with different units to clean between 3.66 m3/hr to 12.75 m3/h of water, combined with an individually tailored chemical treatment program to remove deposits such as scale, corrosion and bio-film from the system, followed by a chemical blend to protect your system moving forward could be the answer to your closed system water treatment problems. Feel free to contact us through our “contact us” page to receive a brochure of the products we offer or to arrange your free “An Introduction to the Management & Treatment of Closed Heating & Cooling Systems” CIBSE Approved CPD course delivered in conjunction with our partners DosaFil.

As well as closed system works, at D&S Commissioning Ltd we are also able to offer a range of water hygiene services such as tank cleaning, tank disinfections, hot and cold-water disinfections, Water monitoring, UKAS water sampling, legionella risk assessing and incoming mains disinfections. With, in house “City & Guilds, Responsible/Authorised person practical water safety for healthcare premises (ACoP L8 / HTM 04-1)” and “EUSR Energy & Utility Skills Register” trained engineers we are able to help with an array of water hygiene activities.

Please make contact with us through our “contact us” page and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Having been in the industry for a long time, even if we can’t help, we might know someone who we can put you in contact with who can.

D&S Commissioning Ltd can offer the following services

  • Pre-Commission cleaning, flushing and dosing of closed water systems

  • Online remediation of existing systems closed water systems

  • Closed systems maintenance, monitoring & dosing

  • BSRIA Closed systems chemical and microbiological sampling

  • In house closed systems testing

    Chemical and Microbiological

  • Tank cleaning and disinfections

  • Hot and cold-water disinfections

  • Incoming main/new connections disinfections

  • UKAS potable hot and cold water sampling

    TVC's @ 22°C and 37°C, Total Coliforms and E.coli, Pseudomonas Spp. & Legionella where required

  • Legionella risk assessments, logbook production, hot and cold-water monitoring

  • Supply of DosaFil side stream filtration units and SolidTek solid chemicals

  • Bottle / sampling / testing service

But if you have a specific requirement not listed above then it may be that we can still help!

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