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HVAC Commissioning services

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HVAC Commissioning services

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HVAC Commissioning Services​​

HVAC Commissioning Services

Commissioning is a quality assurance process that allows the delivery of better performing buildings by ensuring that; The building is operationally ready at handover, The building and its services perform to suit their required function and finally that the building and its services function efficiently and effectively in the long term” As defined by CSA (Commissioning Specialist Association)

All engineers and assistants at D&S Commissioning Ltd are encouraged to enrol on the CSA distance learning courses and to work their way through the different grades that the CSA offer. This allows their knowledge to constantly improved and for them to remain current.

Construction related balancing and commissioning activates makes up around 60% of our HVAC Commissioning workload here at D&S Commissioning Ltd with Verification and validation of critical care ventilation systems making up the additional 40%.

Under the HTM 03:01 there is a requirement for critical care ventilation systems within health care premises to be verified annually to ensure they are still fit for purpose and functioning as expected. With engineers holding such competencies such as “BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Ventilation and Air Conditioning for Competent Persons” and “BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Ventilation and Air Condition for the Authorised Person” combined with almost 30 years of critical care ventilation experience we are well suited to help with any validation or verification requirements you may have.

More recently our critical care ventilation experience has come in handy where we were able to assist the NHS in their effort to tackle to COVID 19 outbreak. From rebalancing to put areas under negative pressure in an attempt to contain the virus to commissioning and balancing as part of some the nightingale projects and then aiding in returning these areas back into their original states in order to return the areas for normal use as the pandemic has been slowing in its hospital admission rates.

Please make contact with us through our “contact us” page and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Having been in the industry for a long time, even if we can’t help, we might know someone who we can put you in contact with who can.

Some of the areas we are able to apply our HVAC Commissioning skillset include;

  • Ventilation Balancing

    (Supply, Extract, Fresh air, Secondary air etc.)

  • AHU (air handling unit) & Fan Testing and Performance Checking

  • Hot Water Services Balancing

    (return balancing, temperature checks, anti-scald checking and TMV setting)

  • Performance, Condition and Layout Surveys & Reports

    including AutoCAD drawings

  • LTHW & Chilled Water Balancing

    (including but not limited to; reading and setting flow rates, heat balancing, pump setting, DPCV set ups, PICV set up etc.)

  • LEV Testing

  • Critical Care Ventilation Validations, Verifications and Balancing

  • HVAC Problem Solving

  • Seasonal Commissioning

But if you have a specific requirement not listed above then it may be that we can still help!

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