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Commissioning Management

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Commissioning Management

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D&S Commissioning Management Services​​

D&S Commissioning Management Services

Commissioning Management is the planning, monitoring and control of all commissioning process activities and the engagement of all those involved in it to deliver correctly performing building on time and on cost. As defined by CSA (Commissioning Specialist Association)

Working for the principle contractor or the client, our in house mechanical and electrical commissioning managers are able to help to guide the project through all the stages of commissioning;

  • Installation verification – a visual process of ensuring system completion
  • Pre-Commissioning – this is the start of the static system testing
  • Commissioning – Dynamic system testing
  • Integrated systems testing
  • Documentation
  • Handover, soft landings and seasonal commissioning

The commissioning management team at D&S Commissioning Ltd help to manage the Time, Cost and Quality to ensure that a building is operationally ready for hand over, Operationally ready for hand over being defined as a building that has all of its system in place and commissioned, the people are ready, trained and are ready to take ownership of their systems, the building is ready being that the systems are physically completed and what services are expected are installed and finally the documentation is in place.

CIBSE Code M “The main objective of commissioning management is to manage the commissioning activities, including programming, to achieve the project completion date.”

Early engagement is key to delivering a successful commissioning management project! Our cost doesn’t differ if we are engaged at RIBA stage 5 or RIBA stage 2! So, you might as well get us involved as early as possible and let us perform better for you at the same cost!

By following a clear process with notable outputs from the commissioning plan and commissioning specification, through to technical reviews and commissioning method statements reviews, combined with ongoing monitoring and reporting on progress and risk we can guide your project from a commissioning focused direction to ensure that your building or the building that you are building performs as intended and where required achieving the criteria detailed for commissioning management in BREEAM MAN 04 & 05 as well as producing the building log book and building user guide as required!

CIBSE Code M: Commissioning Management is the planning, organization, co-ordination and control of commissioning activities.

Some of the areas we are able to apply our HVAC Commissioning skillset include;

  • Full commissioning management packages

    In line with RIBA, BSRIA, CIBSE and BREEAM and the associated document suite

  • Design reviews

  • HVAC design and production of AutoCAD drawings

  • Building services management

    Balancing of heating systems (LTHW, MTHW & HTHW)

  • Consultancy services

  • Project tracking, management and programming including program risk analysis.

But if you have a specific requirement not listed above then it may be that we can still help!

Please make contact with us through our “contact us” page and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Having been in the industry for a long time, even if we can’t help, we might know someone who we can put you in contact with who can.

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